Rincon Resources is committed to creating value for our shareholder’s while subscribing to high standards of social, environmental, and corporate governance.

We plan for ESG during all phases of our business development, prioritising health and safety for our team, minimising our environmental footprint, respecting and enhancing the local communities in which we operate and ensuring a robust risk identification and management system is implemented to meet government and community expectations.

We are minimising the disturbance of biodiversity values in our exploration activities and are committed to ensuring the rehabilitation of areas impacted by our operations.

Our commitment to shared value to local communities and Native Title holders is aimed at ensuring the equitable sharing of resources and economic benefits from our activities.

All our activities focus on the safety and health of our employees and contractors first. We have initiated a COVID-19 plan to prevent the spread of this virus and minimise the impact to our people.

We are seeking ways to transition our activities from carbon intense energy to renewable forms of energy.

We are actively looking to offer employment opportunities for the local community in our exploration activities either through direct employment or contract and supply opportunities

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